Music is just the magical component that brings them together.

Taking care of you and your people is a role that we take very seriously. It's an honor and a privilege to help you have a smile on your face, a dance floor full of people you love, and a night full of incredible music.

After all, in our opinion, those are key to celebrating the important things in life. Well, that and some good food and wine...

Here are all of the ways we'll help you celebrate life's biggest moments:



Meaning... We don't show up, load some songs and simply hit play. And we certainly don't base the song choices on our style or our favorite music. No way.

We want to know your musical taste & preferences, who we'll be entertaining and what songs make you guys want to DANCE? (We'll definitely need to know that.)

Our job from there?...

Aligning our performance to your vision and enthusiastically guiding your guests to come along.

We don't just curate the music to embrace your vision - but to enhance it.


We see all events, regardless of size, as a production - deserving of all the care and professionalism of a large-scale event. And that's why we always work in teams of 2.

Guys, you've heard it before - team works make the dream work. And in this case, it's

absolutely true. Because when we work your event as a team, we're able to share the load to ensure you get natural transitions, consistent communication, and high energy from start to finish. From set up to tear down, and all the magic that happens in between, working as a team helps us deliver a seamless and exciting event for you and your guests.

Fact is, your guests want to be engaged, entertained, and informed. But you? You want to actually enjoy this party. That's why we'll take care of the communicating, while you two focus on connecting with your people.

Whether we are rocking a set or introducing a couple, our job is to make sure everyone is present and truly enjoying the moment. We think about everything. And we mean everything! From the way we are dressed and the inflection in our voice when we speak…we take it all into account. We ensure our stage presence is not only great, but that it matches your guests and your event. We're also skilled at coordinating each step and executing your timeline efficiently, without once obnoxiously forcing it on you and your guests. From your grand entrance all the way to the last dance, we'll remain high energy, poised and classy all night long.


Live music brings a feeling to your party that nothing else can.

Ever thought of a live pianist or string quartet for your ceremony? How about adding a jazz trio to your cocktail hour? Or a guitarist to serenade the crowd as the sun goes down? And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, enter the four-piece band to kick off the reception with a bang! 

But that's not all we do. To keep the energy pumping and the dance floor alive, our dynamic DJ and live percussionist & sax duo can seamlessly blend beats, creating a rhythm that will have your guests on their feet all night long. You’ll feel like you’re at a concert or enjoying a night out at your favorite club. Because live music, mixed in with the versatility of your DJ ... it's the best of both musical worlds.

It’s high energy. It’s eccentric. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

more info please!


zandi fusion

Liven it up. Literally. 

music planning

Our online music planning platform was truly created with you in mind. Our goal? To make sure your guests - and you- are moving all night long. And that starts with finding out what music YOU love.

No DIY, boring music planning nonsense here. You two will hand pick your favorite songs to communicate your personality, music preferences and style. Then, we’ll take it from there. About 1-2 months from your wedding, we’ll get together for your final planning meeting where we’ll go over your vision, your audience, the details, and all the logistics.

And, guys - we’ll go deep into the music!

Sure you love 90’s hip hop, but are we talking West Coast or East Coast? Downtempo or up-tempo? Early 90’s or late 90’s?...2000’s hip hop more your thing? Ok. Mid-tempo party throwbacks like Nelly and Usher or Dirty South Atlanta like Lil’ John and the Ying-Yang Twins. Point is: Whatever genres you prefer- we’ll ask the deeper questions to be sure we understand exactly how you like to experience it!

By the time the meeting is over, you’ll be relaxed and excited, and you’ll know for sure that we have all the right songs in our playlist to build that perfect dance floor momentum!

All you’ll have to do is show up and party like it’s your job. 


There's a reason why LIGHTS is the first line of "Lights. Camera. Action." Lights set the stage for any event. And, our cutting edge, programmable lights definitely bring the action. With our state of the art lighting software we can easily change the lighting design throughout the night- enhancing and playing up those extra special moments. Spotlight your wedding party as your DJ introduces them or have an extra spotlight on you two as you share in your first dance as a married couple. However you choose to use them, there's no doubt that they'll not only enhance your event, but they'll totally transform it.

crystal clear acoustics

Every amazing moment of your wedding should be heard clearly. That’s why we provide a high quality audio experience for you and your guests. We’re knowledgeable and experienced in sound acoustics so we’re able to set up and adapt our equipment ensuring you get the highest quality sound anywhere, all night. And friends, with multiple styles and colors to choose from it won’t only sound good, it will look good too. Everyone in attendance will hear all the special things: your vows, toasts, speeches... and of course the MUSIC without interference, interruption or lack of style. Crystal clear sophistication in every way. 

ready to chat

salsa booth

You've hired a photographer to capture all the amazing moments of your day. But what about all the moments they don't get?

You want candid photos of those in-between moments. That's why we'll give you actual candid photos. Your people will take fun, hilarious (and yes, sometimes ridiculous) photos of themselves as they enjoy and celebrate you.

Photos you'll have way too much fun with long after your event is over.


• Digital Photobooth
• Digital Gallery
• Social Media Sharing
• Backdrop of your choice
• Custom Template

The co2 experience

Have a blast, and turn your party into a full-blown production! Handheld CO2 guns produce clouds of CO2 cold fog that not only look spectacular but create an incredible dance floor experience for you and your guests. One squeeze of the trigger sends a blast of CO2 up to 20 feet! And while the fog evaporates quickly, your party definitely won't! In fact, the energy and vibe of your celebration will only increase that much more.

"He far exceeded any and all expectations we had. From the initial conversation and the pre-planning meetings, to the day of the wedding he was professional, responsive, organized and personable. We definitely felt at ease having Romin as our DJ and MC for our day. Everything went off without a hitch, and he kept the dance floor going all night long. We kept getting compliments on our DJ far after the wedding! He was simply amazing and helped us in creating an unforgettable day."

- Veronica

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a DJ collective who:
• Love to party and will truly care about yours as much as you do. • Know how to mix well AND dress well (yes, we've got mad style). • Are genuinely happy and cool people to be around


• Will pull out their favorite Russian squat dance for you on command {ok, that's just Romin}... 

look no further, friend. you've found us.

YES, i'm in

"This is not an understatement. Our wedding day was PERFECT. Not a single hiccup. Just next level dedication. Guests are still raving weeks later about how on point our DJ was and how they've never attended a wedding where the DJ prepared himself so well."


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