​​​​​​​Thanks so much for inquiring. 

We know what you’re probably thinking.
“Ok, I’ve inquired. Now what?”.
Not to worry, friend.

We’re here to break it all down for you.

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Celebrating Life’s Biggest Moments. One Song at a Time.

We believe that music can affect people's experiences and how they feel. It's the soundtrack of your day, and you hear it through every aspect of your wedding.

So what makes us so different?

Well for starters, we believe it's not about our song choices and style.

Instead, it’s about:

- your musical tastes and preferences,
-who we'll be entertaining,
-and what songs make you want to DANCE
{we’ll definitely need to know that}.

Everything we do is done with
your vision in mind.

Our job from there?

Aligning our performance to your vision and enthusiastically guiding your guests to come along!

Ready to join us?

So here’s what we’re going to do:

One Step at a Time

The present moment.

It’s a big deal, right?
Because it’s all we really have.

And even though we’re technically talking about the future right now (aka your wedding day), we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy each moment as it unfolds.

Including the moments leading up to it.


step one

schedule a call

Let’s get to know one another. We’ll ask the questions we promise no one else is asking, and we'll really listen to the answers. Our goal is to connect with you so that we fully understand the kind of wedding you're dreaming up.


step two


We'll send over a personalized proposal outlining why we're the perfect fit and how we can best serve you. And for all our info-driven friends we'll include pricing info and all the details you need.


step three

follow up

After you’ve had time to look over the proposal, we'll chat through any remaining questions or concerns you may have. Then once the contract is signed, you can relax and just enjoy being engaged – knowing that you are well on your way to your ultimate dance party! 


step four

planning begins

You'll pick out your favorite songs {and communicate your personality, music preferences and style} through the planning platform we’ve created for you- knowing we’re here to help anytime. Then, 1-2 months before your big day, we’ll meet to finalize all of the details. 


step five

time to celebrate

From your grand entrance all the way to your last song, we’ll control the flow of your night in a high-energy yet always poised & classy manner. We’ll read the room and pay close attention to you, your people, and the atmosphere- as we combine various tracks of music in a way that fits or enhances it all.


He listened carefully and made sure to put our vision for our wedding first. then pulled everything off without a hitch!

Your Vision + Our Passion = Your Ultimate Party

And a DJ who promises to:

Personally connect with you and appreciate who you are as a person.

Put you at ease by being responsive and communicative.

Ensure class and professionalism at all times.

Focus on the energy of the room {while keeping the dance floor packed}.

You deserve a DJ who will take the time to understand the vibe, the music, and the atmosphere you want to create on your wedding day. 


It all starts with a customized proposal.

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