3 Ways You Can Prepare for Your First Call With a DJ

Your wedding DJ is one of the most influential factors when it comes to creating an unforgettable reception. And if you’re dreaming of a packed dance floor, you don’t want to hire one without doing a little homework first.  

For example, it’s a good idea to prepare with more than the usual “How much do you cost?” and “Are you available on {insert your wedding date here}.” While these are certainly important questions, you’re deciding on more than just your table linens. Right? Finding the perfect DJ is a big deal!

So much more goes into creating the perfect atmosphere for your big day than coming up with a killer set. It takes planning, skill, charisma, and a little bit of event management. 

So naturally, you’ll want to dig a little deeper when you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding DJ. We’ll discuss the top 3 ways to make the most out of your planning for today’s post. And, how to set the stage for the party of a lifetime. 

Let’s get started!

Have a Well Thought Out Vision

If you’ve begun the search for your DJ, you’ve likely already confirmed your venue. So, since the setting for your reception plays a part in determining the atmosphere for your reception, you’ve already got a head start! 

Before jumping on a call with your DJ, picture how you want your reception to look. What kind of experience do you want your guests to have? Do you envision an elegant cocktail party with casual conversation? Or a lively, upbeat scene because you LOVE to dance? In either scenario, you’ll want to know what atmosphere you’re looking for in advance. This way you can determine if your DJ’s style is a good match. can bring the vibe you’re looking for to life.

And of course, you’ll want to be able to share your taste in music with your DJ. You should consider having a few songs in mind that help them understand your preference and style when it comes to music.  

But most importantly, how do you want to feel on your wedding day? Because even though we love to rock, this party is all about you. We want to curate an experience that’s unique to you, so prepare to let your guard down a little and let’s take this relationship to the next level!  

Know What Qualities You’re Looking for in a DJ

Finding someone who matches your personal style and vision is so important. You may prefer to have someone who is more vocal throughout your reception. Someone who is going to use the mic to amp up the energy, for example. Or perhaps you would rather someone who is engaging, but less intrusive. You may be most concerned with their skills as a talented mixer. 

In any case, knowing your preferences beforehand will help you determine if they are the right fit during your initial conversation. Using your past experiences at weddings to help a DJ understand your preferences is okay too. You should take some time to think about specific moments that you liked or didn’t like that you can share with your DJ.

Your DJ will be interacting with you, your guests, and your vendors throughout the day, so having someone who is personable and friendly are likely qualities you’ll want to look for too. We hope that by the time we get to your wedding day, we’re friends! We 

And, when it comes to planning, we think it’s important to take a collaborative approach. So, we’ll chat through questions with you and we’ll really listen to your answers. Ultimately, our goal is to connect with you so that we can fully understand you and the vision you’re dreaming up. 

Do Your Research

Before you connect with your DJ, spend some time getting familiar with the company and DJ by reviewing their website, portfolio (videos and mixes), and social media. Between these three resources, you should be able to gain a pretty good feel for their vibe. We’ve included only live videos from past events on our website so you get a really good feel for how we perform. We also have samples of some of our favorite mixes as well as a link to our personal Spotify Playlist. Aka, the perfect soundtrack for planning a call with your DJ : ) 

Additional Tips & Questions for Your DJ

Part of preparing for your first call with your DJ is knowing what questions to ask. Rather than understanding whether or not a DJ provides uplighting, a fog machine, or if a photo booth is included in your package, we think you should start with questions that better help you get to know your DJ’s style. 

How do you curate the perfect playlist that showcases our taste but also takes care of our guests? Knowing the age range of your audience in advance will help your DJ be sure to play the appropriate music as well. 

What quality do you possess that will positively impact the wedding day?

Describe to us your style as an MC? Do you talk a lot or let the music talk for you?

How do you pack a dance floor other than music?

So, if you’re ready to get this party started, shoot us an email!

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