6 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Guests During Your Reception

You’ve spent hours (or minutes) getting ready, walked the aisle, said I do, made your grand entrance into the reception space, and now it’s really time to party. 

The second half of the wedding is where things can get interesting. Not that the ceremony isn’t a bore fest, but the reception is often where couples spread their creative wings. It’s a time when everyone can relax a bit more and enjoy the festivities. 

Finding fun ways to entertain your guests during the reception is no easy task. There are a thousand things to do! It really depends on what kind of wedding you’re having and who you’re trying to entertain. But as an entertainment company, we’re here to give you our insight and ideas on some cool ways you can amp up your party. Everyone will get a kick out of these!

Arlington, Virginia Wedding Photographer : Nikki Schell Photography

Live Music

Incorporating live music, like a sax player or a percussionist, is a tried and true way to bring the fun. AND get guests involved. Especially when the percussionist passes out smaller instruments for guests to play along. So maybe they’ll be playing to their own beat, or they’ll play alongside our percussionist. Whatever the case, it’s a whole lot of fun!

We also love having the sax player go out into the middle of the dance floor and bust out a solo or do a cool riff. It’s unexpected and unique and gets the crowd going even more. 

Light Up Foam Sticks 

Foam glow sticks or LED batons are usually multicolored and blink in the dark. Pass them out when people are dancing, and the energy is high. People will love the freebie and having something that connects them with the other guests. Plus, the flashing colors look super cool! 

First Dance Set

Incorporating a first dance set after your first dance or transitioning into your reception for 10-15 minutes is an ideal way to break the ice and set the tone for the rest of the evening. We’ve seen couples in the New York and New Jersey area include this before and between courses, and it’s a trend we’d love to see other couples pick up. 

Arlington, Virginia Wedding Photographer : Nikki Schell Photography

Dynamic Lighting

Want to enhance the ambiance and energy of the room? How about providing a concert-type experience with the lighting synced to the music? Yup. We can do that with our programmable lights. There’s a lot of other cool stuff we can do with our state-of-the-art lighting software. We’re happy to brainstorm and come up with ideas on how we can use dynamic lighting to transform your space.

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CO2 Experience

Have a blast by blasting CO2 cold fog into the crowd! Our handheld fog guns send CO2 up to 20 feet. It looks incredible, is super fun for guests, and cools them down. But only temperature-wise! After popping these off, the party will only heat up.

The After Party

Couples are coming to us about entertainment options for their reception after parties, and we’re here for it! Think club lighting, fusion experiences (DJ + live music), and establishing a music vision/vibe separate from the reception. 

You could even incorporate an open bar or serve late-night shots and food to enhance the party energy.

When it comes to entertaining your guests, it’s really all about raising the party vibes and getting the guests involved. It’s about giving them a unique moment. People expect certain things. They assume there will be a DJ on-site or maybe even a live band. But they’ll never see the concert experience coming.

Ready to party like it’s 2023? We are too, and we’d be stoked to help you entertain your guests at any point during your event. Let’s get started.


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