A Wedding DJ’s Perspective: Why So Expensive?

“DJs just show up on the day of the event with a pre-loaded playlist and press play. And they’re not even as technical/talented/what have you as a live band. So why are they so expensive?”

I’ve heard this question time and time again. And I understand why. But within this question are some myths that need busting, which will ultimately paint a better picture of why a worthwhile DJ service is worth the extra price.

Myth #1: DJs shouldn’t cost as much as a live band.

People often think bands should cost more because there are more people involved. And DJs should never cost as much as or more than live performers. Because it’s just one person, right? And there’s not as much involved, right?

Friends, you know I’m going to say no, and here’s why. 

It’s not just about the numbers. You can’t compare a live band to a DJ because they have different creative processes. And many other factors separate the two. Some of which you’ll read about below.

Plus, a DJ can bring the same energy as a band or fusion experience. Just watch some of our videos! 

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Myth #2: DJs JUST play music. 

Maybe a handful of DJs only show up and play music, but these aren’t the kind of people you want “managing” your party vibes. And you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly who these DJs are – if you can even call them that. 

A professional DJ, who’s actually invested in you and your celebration, isn’t going to sidestep their way around your entertainment vision. They’re not going to create a playlist of the top 40 wedding songs and call it a day. 

A lot of prep work goes into making your event epic. And we do things a little differently around Zandi Entertainment. Whereas most event companies charge by equipment and hours of service performed, we charge by the creative process. By that, I mean our clients aren’t only paying us to show up and perform. They’re also paying us to provide them with a highly curated and personal experience.

Besides handling all of the behind-the-scenes details (meetings with clients, calls with the wedding planner, walking through timelines, lighting design, music editing, name pronunciation prep, attire prep, and so much more), we also give our couples a personalized experience that’s hard to find with other event companies.

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We love connecting and authentically serving people. Our creative process is more in-depth. The music curation is different. During our initial calls, we ask more profound questions like, what are some qualities you expect in an ideal DJ? Because we’re not just about customizing music but pairing our couples with a DJ who’s aligned with their vision. And someone who’s a good fit based on skillset, vibe, and budget.  

If you’re not paired up with the right entertainer, a connection doesn’t happen, and the vision can’t come to life. The DJ has to understand the client, and the client needs to trust the DJ. 

Sometimes it’s hard for clients to articulate what music they want to play in a 2-3 hour set. Or they know they want a mix of Latin and tropical house and pop from 2010 but have no idea how to make it all come together. In the end, they just know they want to have an entertainment experience everyone enjoys and music that represents them. 

They need a DJ who knows what they want, and the couple needs to trust that their DJ can curate their music and bring their vision to life through entertainment. 

And this is exactly the kind of experience you get at Zandi Entertainment. All of our DJs are musically verse and give their couples the time, attention, and passion it requires to bring everything together. 

Because when it’s party time, you need to be able to let go. You need someone who can get into the details even deeper to feel at ease and confident that everything’s handled to the utmost degree. So that you and your people can have an epic time the whole time.Hopefully, I’ve cleared up some misconceptions and answered your questions about why DJs cost what they do. If you have other questions or want to start your entertainment experience, get in touch!


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