The Elements and Importance of a Consultation

Having a consultation with a potential vendor is an important first step for couples planning their wedding. These meetings allow both the vendor and the client to see if they’re a good fit for one another.

And as a wedding DJ, consultations allow me to understand what a client needs for their event and if we can bring their desires and dreams to life.

But not all consults are created equal. A great consultation is built on a few essential elements. All of which brings the client and the DJ closer to a match point. And ultimately closer to working together towards an epic entertainment experience.

The Essential Elements of a Good Consultation (according to Zandi Entertainment)

Entertainment Rating

One thing we look for during a consult with a client is how highly they rate entertainment. Where does it fall on their priority scale? We find that most couples interested in our services highly rate the music and entertainment experience they want to give their guests.

Music is important to them, and they want to create an atmosphere – a vibe – through their favorite tunes. They want to elevate their party through their music and entertainment options.

If during the consult we realize the client is more about the florals and pretty details, that’s great. There’s no right or wrong vision. But they’re probably not going to get as much out of working with us as someone more into the music aspect.

Musical Articulation

Another helpful element during the consultation is when clients can share their musical tastes. When they can paint a clear picture of how they want their entertainment experience to feel through the type of music played, it makes a world of difference.

For some, this is super easy. They can pinpoint genres, decades, and the mood they’re going for. But for others, it’s not so simple. And we don’t expect everyone to be able to nail down the specifics or have the most vivid vision of what they want.

So we ask questions to help uncover those desires. For example, have you ever been to a wedding and really enjoyed or disliked the entertainment portions? What did you like or dislike?

Budget Awareness

Entertainment companies tend to ask, “What’s your budget for a DJ?” But it’s more helpful to have an understanding of the overall budget. In this way, the DJ can work with the couple and determine if there’s enough (comfortable) room for the kind of entertainment experience they want in their budget.


A connection might be one of the most important elements of a good consultation because if there’s not one, everything else has the potential to fall short of success.

The interesting thing about connection is you can tell when someone’s a good fit. You may not be able to gauge it within the first five minutes, but after a 30-minute call, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not a vendor/client relationship will work.

Our consultations generally take half an hour, and within that time, we’re able to get the information we need and provide the client with the info they need. And from there, everyone can decide if the vibe’s good and proceed.

If you’re interested in a Zandi Entertainment experience and would like to hop on a call, contact us, and we’ll schedule a consult.

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