DJing: Why it’s More than Just Playing Music

For guests standing on the other side of the DJ booth, it may seem like all we do is press “play” and push a few buttons. And the truth is, that is how some DJs roll.

But, at Zandi Entertainment, DJing is so much more than just playing music.

Don’t get us wrong- of course we’re passionate about music. But, being a professional DJ isn’t about playing the music we want to hear or utilizing the same overdone playlists at your event.

It’s about connection.

It’s about you and your guests.

It’s about creating an unforgettable experience!

I guess you could say DJing is about bringing music and people together.

And how do we do that aside from just just playing good music?

We’re happy you asked!

Personal Connection 

As professional DJs, part of our job (and a part that we really love) is to get to know you as a couple. We dig deep and ask important questions. How do you want to feel on your wedding day? What memories do you want to take away with you? And we really listen to what you have to say.

We want to get a clear vision of the vibe, mood, and atmosphere you want to create on your wedding day. And of course, we talk music!

From there we coordinate the celebration with you in mind. Your style, your personality, who your friends and family are – and more importantly what they mean to you.

Engaging + Entertaining With Class

Life is all about moments and experiences. And this one is ALL yours. Being your DJ, the Master of Ceremonies and the guy in charge of the microphone, doesn’t mean we are the “star of the show”. Far from it. It means that we are the visible spokesperson for your wedding.

Fact is, your guests want to be engaged, entertained and informed. And they look to your DJ to articulate and properly control the flow of the evening. From your grand entrance all the way to your last song… we control the flow of your night with high energy and class.

Co-Creating The Playlist

DJing isn’t just about standing in front of a crowd playing songs from Today’s Top 40. And it’s certainly not about choosing music from our personal list of favorites. It’s about creating an unforgettable celebration for you and your guests.  And that means, creating a playlist with you.

Our online music planning platform allows us to take a proactive approach to creating a wedding playlist right alongside you. You two will hand pick your favorite songs to communicate your personality, music preferences and style. And we guide you along the way making sure we understand exactly how you like to experience your favorite music.

After all, you may love hip hop, but what kind of hip hop? What decade? Whatever genres you prefer, we ask the questions that help us understand exactly how to get this celebration started -and keep it going- all.night.long.

Creating An Environment

Music can affect people’s experiences and how they feel.  But it’s not all about song choices or style. It’s about who we’re entertaining.

Prior to your event, we ask you who we’ll be entertaining and what they mean to you. And once the party begins, we constantly read the room. We pay attention to you, the ages and cultures of the people, and the energy. And then we combine various tracks of music in a way that fits or enhances it all. And as the energy shifts and the mood changes we make changes “on the fly” to keep that energy flowing.

The ultimate goal is to create an environment where everyone lets loose and enjoys the celebration {And by everyone- we mean, everyone!}


  • A quality DJ provides a seamless experience. Not cookie cutter playlists and cheesy jokes.
  • A professional DJ knows music and how to blend it into the atmosphere.
  • A passionate DJ loves people and the connection that forms between people and music.

Because yes, DJing is playing music. But it’s the intent, preparation, and desired results behind “pressing play” that make it so much more.

Ready to co-create your wedding playlist? Let’s get started.

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