Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Music on Our First Call


When’s the last time you climbed a tree? Do you remember what it was like?

Weird, I know, but just stick with me…

Imagine that the DJ experience is like a tree.

When you imagine talking with a DJ about playing at your wedding or special event, you probably think it’s customary to chat about all things music FIRST. 

But music is only one branch.

{See where I’m going here?}

Talking about one branch (the music) on our first call isn’t going to give us a clear picture of the full experience.

Let’s talk about BIG PICTURE first.

Here’s why:

I Want to Connect With You

Often, couples have concerns about connecting with their DJ. They’re afraid they won’t be able to and that it will feel impersonal and transactional.

For my team and me, connection and synergy is the most important thing. We want to get to know you both as human beings, not just as a couple getting married. Everyone listens to music differently, and it impacts people in different ways depending on their current mood/circumstance/etc. We want to see how you experience music individually.

I want to know you and your fiance. And I want to become an extension of both of you on your day. I’ll ask the more profound questions, the questions no one else is asking, and I’ll be all ears when you give the answers.

Connection helps me put you and your interests first. It helps me become more than a DJ – more like a friend—the kind of friend who takes care of you and creates an atmosphere of comfort and fun.

I Want to Understand Your Vibe and Vision

Another concern couples have is that the DJ won’t prioritize their vibe and vision.

So first, I want to know what type of atmosphere you’re hoping to create. What’s the end goal? How do you want the experience to feel? 

At the end of the day, it’s all about vision and aligning our skillset to that vision. After that, we can break everything down and dive deep.

I Want to Create Memories

Anyone can talk about their favorite songs. I can ask you what yours are and I’m sure you’ll be able to provide me with a long list of essential tunes. But I bet we can have a more extended discussion if I ask you WHY they are your favorite songs.

It’s the meaning behind the music that creates memories. THAT’S what I’m after.

I’m sure you’ve had that moment when you hear a song that instantly takes you back to your freshman year in high school. At that point, it’s about way more than the actual song. The music just acts as a portal to another point in time.

This is why I’m not diving into deep discussions about certain music in the beginning. It’s more about the high-level feel, the atmosphere, the energy you want to compose through the music. That’s where the memories are made.

When I fully understand your vision, only then can we break it all down, dissect it, and create the perfect mix of energy, music, and mood from that. The experience!

There’s no doubt I love music. Everything about it: but I love people more because they are at the heart of what I do. Music is the magical component that brings everything and everyone together.

I’m honored to be able to use the magic of music to serve you and your people. It’s a real privilege to see how the experience makes everyone smile, let loose, and have an incredible time on the dance floor. 

So don’t worry if we don’t talk about music on the first call. We’ll get there. Remember, it’s only one branch supporting the tree. First, let’s climb that tree and see what we can see.

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