A Wedding DJ’s Perspective: Timeline Tips

The wedding timeline. It’s one of the most important logistical aspects of your big day for nearly everyone involved – from you to your wedding party to your vendors. It’s the foundation of which the day is built and is a big piece of what keeps things running smoothly and on track.

But our industry has a problem with DJs not being the best team players and creating their own timelines. In those scenarios, the creative process is not so synergistic between the DJ and the client. 

The DJ’s job is to ensure the timeline fits your entertainment vision. But it must also be practical. There are many moving parts, and everyone has to be on the same page to have a smooth, organic, synergistic timeline of events.

At Zandi Entertainment, we’re all about making things as effortless as possible for our clients, so we’ve outlined some of our tips for creating an entertainment timeline.

Timeline Tips from a Wedding DJ’s Perspective

1. Create a good balance.

A timeline that’s not too heavy in the front or back is preferable because it creates a balance between the events. For example, scheduling four special dances at the beginning and two smaller events later in the evening could be a recipe for disaster. In this situation, the timeline is too heavy in the front. Creating balance keeps the energy flowing.

2. Block off enough time for dancing.

If you’re planning a six-hour wedding, block off at least 2 hours of dancing time. We recommend 3 hours for those who want to go on a musical journey, so people of all ages have plenty of time to really enjoy the celebration. Anything less feels rushed, especially if other events are scheduled during the dance portion. 

3. Ensure enough time for each event.

If you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing music means a lot to you, and you want to give your guests an epic entertainment experience. So make sure you plan enough time for each event to ensure they don’t pull away from the dance time.

Two of the big ones I see over and over again – sunset photos and toasts. I know these are important moments for a lot of people. They might be right up there in priority with the entertainment, which is why it’s essential to block off enough time for everything. And talk to your planner, photographer, and DJ to help nail down your timeline specifics.

4. Reduce the number of announcements during dances.

Too many announcements become an interruption. They end up taking away people’s focus from the music and enjoyment. And guests may step off the dance floor and leave early. Keep announcements essential, and keep the party going.

5. Limit the number of events during dance time.

Just like announcements can interrupt the flow, events like cake cutting can slow down the energy. So, unless it’s a high-energy activity, try to limit the number of events during dancing to avoid distraction.

6. Build your timeline with your DJ.

If you’re working with a wedding planner and us, we’ll get together with your planner first and send them our entertainment timelines.

If you’re not working with a planner, we’ll co-create a timeline with you and ensure every detail of the day is taken care of. Either way, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we’ll build a timeline with all these tips in mind.

Have a timeline question or want to work with us on creating yours? Talk to us!

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