Zandi Planner Spotlight: Amore Events Co

“This is a team sport. There is no ‘I’ in team.”

No, these aren’t the tried-and-true phrases spoken by a FIFA World Cup coach. This is how Bri and Kara of Amore Events Co. see their role as wedding planners. They plan, build, pick up the pieces – and work with people like me to create dream events for their couples.

There’s no doubt having a wedding planner by your side can make things so much easier during the process (and on the wedding day). But having two? “Two truly is better than one!”

With friendship as their foundation, Kara and Bri have built an award-winning destination wedding planning and design company. And I’m honored to feature them in my Zandi Planner Spotlight! 

The Journey to Amore

After dipping their toes into planning and helping friends with events, both Bri and Kara started working at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards in 2014. Bri started in sales, and Kara in event management.

Five years later, with 300+ weddings under their belt, the friends decided to strike out on their own. They bought Amore Events Co. in 2019. Initially, they thought about building a business from the ground up but came across Amore Events Co. and knew the company would give them a head start.

It was challenging at first to create something fresh from an already-established brand, but they took the challenge head-on, did a rebrand, and are thriving! The team works with couples who appreciate design, operations, logistics, and details.

What They Love About Wedding Planning

“We love the unique characteristics of each client!” And they match the level of service to their couples’ needs.

“We ask ourselves, ‘How is our couple going to feel?'”

From there, they conceptualize a cohesive design that speaks to the senses while always keeping in mind what’s important to the couple.

The Key Elements of a Successful Wedding Day

For Bri and Kara, ensuring everything runs smoothly on a wedding day comes down to these essentials:

  • Creating a vendor team that aligns with the couple’s style and personality
  • Getting the logistics right and making sure everyone feels comfortable with how the day is going to feel and flow
  • Appealing to the senses through the design
  • Ensuring rental orders are correct
  • Being in contact with the couple throughout the event
  • Creating an environment that allows the couple to stop worrying and start enjoying
  • Treating the couple’s moments like their moments (not ours)

When it comes to working with a DJ or band/entertainment, the planning duo looks for individuals and companies who are relatable and approachable, people they enjoy working with, and those who have the same goals in mind. They also look for people who provide consistent communication on the day of and can create seamless transitions.

“We ask our clients if they’re interested in having a band or DJ.” They’ll typically recommend going with a DJ if the couple wants a more personal connection and more opportunities for input.

As planners, they’ll work with the DJ on musical suggestions and timeline creation. They’re also big on aesthetics and how entertainers present themselves. “As an entertainer, you are a part of the presentation. You have a moment to shine! [But at the same time,] we don’t want a vendor to dress so crazy that it takes away from the guests or couple. It’s important for vendors to know the design and theme of the wedding to match their attire.” 

Parting Thoughts

Three essential things Bri and Kara want couples to know:

  1. Hire a planner!
  2. Enjoy the ride, and don’t let the little things overtake you.
  3. Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s. 

Wise words!

And thank you to the team at Amore Events Co. for taking time out to speak with me and share their knowledge.

If you’re interested in working with this dynamic planning and design company, don’t hesitate to visit their website for more info. And don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you need a DJ who really brings it!

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