Why Wedding DJs Get a Bad Rap + What We’re Doing to Fix That

From the dress and design, to the decor and dinner – you want your wedding to not only look beautiful and elegant, but to fully entertain and impress your guests! And while there are so many important elements necessary to make that happen, your wedding DJ is perhaps one of the most important.

Afterall, your wedding DJ sets the mood and tone of the evening. Your guests look to the DJ to engage, entertain and inform them. To control the flow of the evening and to get them on the dance floor. And if not done properly, the overall feel of the evening can be nothing less than cringeworthy. 

We’ve all heard about (or been to) those weddings with the showboating DJ who made corny announcements and lame jokes in his cheesy DJ voice. He talked more than he played, and with cocktail in hand excitedly called everyone to the dance floor for the “Chicken Dance”. Nightmare.

While that may be an acceptable standard for some, you can do better.

You’ve thought about this day and envisioned it perfectly: the packed dance floor, the contagious laughter, and every song celebrated as if it was the first of the night.

The caliber and class of your wedding DJ matters to you. And it matters to us.

As passionate professionals who absolutely love what we do and this industry…We’re changing the bad rap that wedding DJ’s have been given one wedding and event at a time.

Here’s how:

Bad Rap #1: Wedding DJs are cheesy + talk too much

Your guests are at your wedding to see and celebrate you. Cheesy jokes and long soliloquies should not be part of the performance. Engaging moments and legendary music should be.

Being your DJ, the Master of Ceremonies and the ones in charge of the microphone, doesn’t mean we are the “stars of the show”. Far from it. It means that we are the visible spokesperson for your wedding- your host.

We know when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to sit back and observe the party. We bring attention to the important moments and people. And we’re skilled at coordinating each step & executing the timeline efficiently {without once obnoxiously forcing it on you and your guests}.

From your grand entrance all the way to your last song, we control the flow of your night in a high energy yet always poised & classy manner.

We are your liaison.

You two will be the only stars of the night.

Bad Rap #2: All DJs are the same

Not all DJs are created equally. DJs possess a range of styles and skills. Some are passionate hobbyists, while others are serious professionals. Some thrive at clubs and bars, while others find their groove at more formal events. And some can do it all. 

However, the atmosphere and emotion involved at weddings requires someone with direct experience and skills DJing for weddings. These skills come with years of experience and knowing the right questions to ask. We get to know each of our clients in a way that helps us truly understand their vision and style. This helps us create a custom-curated entertainment experience!

Where wedding DJs differ is the entertainment experience they provide. Everyone has a different approach in how they create a party. We believe that the experience should be tailored to the couple and their guests. And we keep everything in mind, from ages to cultures to who the guests are to the couple.

Creating an excellent entertainment experience also requires striking a balance between the couple’s vision and musical tastes and the audience’s needs.

Bad Rap #3: DJs play the same songs at every wedding

Every wedding is different, therefore, every wedding “soundtrack” should be too. Yes, there are popular songs that you may hear at various weddings, but that doesn’t mean your big day should be filled with the same old love songs and dance tunes played at every other wedding.

One of our favorite things about being a DJ is combining various tracks of music in ways that fit or enhance the mood and fit with your style and personalities too.

Because it’s not all about our song choices or our style. Or what songs are on the Top 40. We want to know your musical taste & preferences, who we’ll be entertaining, what songs spark memories or played a special role in your life and what makes you want to dance!

Then, we’ll align our performance to your vision and enthusiastically invite your guests to come along – Bringing your people together and creating an environment that will make your celebration unique and memorable.

Bad Rap #4: Anyone can do a wedding DJ’s job – they just play music!

It’s not unheard of for some wedding DJs to press play, then hit the dance floor and maybe even snag a few drinks. Yikes! No wonder it may seem like DJs have the easiest job ever.

But the truth is, those “DJs” don’t understand how to read a room or engage with the crowd in a professional manner. They don’t understand the art of what we do.

While it’s true that playing music is a huge part of our job, there’s so much more to it than that. 

First, there’s all the behind the scenes work of getting to know the couple and building the experience. Then there’s creating the atmosphere, understanding the vibe and energy of an audience, setting up and knowing the requirements for the venue’s equipment and managing a crowd.

Music alone can’t sustain a wedding. At least not very well. It takes a qualified person to do that and not just someone who knows how to “press play.”

How else are we reversing the bad rap?

Ok. We hear you… “That’s all well and good, but how else are you turning these bad raps upside down?” “What makes you so different?”

Here are a couple other ways Zandi Entertainment stands out from anyone else:  

Music Sets The Stage But People Are At The Heart of What We Do.

We are passionate about music. But, PEOPLE  are at the heart of what we do. Music is the magical component that brings them together.  We love taking care of you, and your people, and it’s a role that we take very seriously.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be sure that you have a smile on your face, a dance floor full of people you love, and incredible music – All the elements you’ll need to create unforgettable memories all.night.long

Hands Down (Or Hands In The Air?!)…..Connection Matters

We WANT to know you and become an extension of you on your day. We appreciate who you are as human beings and will never refer to you as “the Bride” or “the Groom”. You have names, and we’ll be SURE to say them correctly {as well as everyone in your family + wedding party}. It may seem small but- it matters!

We ask the questions no one else is asking, and we listen to the answers. We take the time to fully understand what you want to create & put your interests first.

We are more than your DJs. We are that friend. {You know…that really cool friend you have a crazy connection with that knows you, takes care of you and puts you at ease? Yeah that!}

Contact us if you’re ready to get this party started!

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